What I’m working with

I really thought in Paris, that I had a small kitchen.  I mean, it was the smallest I’ve ever cooked/baked/washed dishes in!  But then I came to Hong Kong…

It was requested that I show my actual kitchen so you can see the long and short of it.   Well, just the short of it!

To say this kitchen is an “efficiency” kitchen would be putting it mildly.  Without an oven (or any pans) I most likely won’t be baking anything.  Although I could look up some of those mug-in-the-microwave recipes.  …hmmm…

But at least I have two “burners” so I can cook some stuff.  And since I’m in Asia, that stuff should be Asian, right?   I’ve just started to scratch the surface of Chinese veggies and how to prepare them.  So far I’ve done two soups.  One is an all-time favorite of mine:  egg-drop soup.  To this I added some chicken, portobello mushrooms, choi sum and ginger.  The second soup was just a catch-all.  Potato, mushroom, choi sum, ginger, shrimp and some noodles (I don’t know what they’re made of, but they looked interesting).  Not to toot my own horn, but these were yummy!!   I could get used to this.   🙂

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