I’ve Peaked

I finally made it to Victoria Peak.

Wow.  It is stunning!

I read about the best way to get there, and just opted for a taxi, because I didn’t want to be stuck in a huge line for an hour waiting for the tram.  It was a little confusing to find where the actual viewpoint is when the taxi drops you off under the shopping mall.  But I found the observation tower.  I didn’t go up it, as I could see from below that there was a long line just to stand at the railing to take a picture.  So I got some shots from the lower platform.  Time to go home?  Nope!  I had also read about the best way to see the Peak.  There is a road that was built in 1913, called “Lugard Road”, which circles right around the top of the peak.  As I walked along it, I was a bit confused because all I could see to my right was trees.  I just caught glimpses of the view through the thick forest.  Eventually the trees opened up, and, well, as I said before, stunning.

The other really nice thing about walking along Lugard road, is that it’s very much a paved nature trail.  The trees were beautiful, the sounds of birds pleasant, and it was uncrowded enough that at times I was the only person on my little curve of the road.  Surely want to go back, maybe next time for the night views!!

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