Here be dragons. …in Aberdeen

I went with my HK buddy, Kim to Aberdeen.  Aberdeen is on the south side of Hong Kong island, and was where foreigners in the 19th century first arrived.  The name Hong Kong was actually just the name of this village, but foreigners mistook it for the name of the entire island, and well…that’s how these things go I suppose.  The reason this area was named “Hong Kong”–meaning “Fragrant Harbor”–is because it is here that the incense trees were sent for export to other parts of China.

Now Aberdeen is famous for it’s floating fishing village, and it’s HUGE floating restaurants.  We strolled along the promenade, fended off Sampan ride peddlers, and made our way past the many many boats and their inhabitants to the free ferry.  Really incredible to pass by the lives of people which are so much different than your own; fish hanging out to dry on your “front porch”, tending nets and dropping a line in the water off your boat.

We took the free ferry to Jumbo.  Fitting name for the huge boat, one of a group of boats which are floating restaurants in the harbor.  Maybe barge is a better word than boat.   Every inch of the outside was hyper-decorated.  And I loved it 🙂  Especially the dragons!!  We had a really good meal of lo mein and dim sum.  Super good food on this jumbo boat!  After taking the ferry back to the promenade, we looked for the fish market. Well, we smelled our way there, I suppose would be more accurate.  It was late though, so was already closed.  I can just imagine all the big tanks filled with the early morning catches, waiting for the restaurants to come purchase the day’s menu items.

After our Aberdeen experience, we decided chocolate was needed.  Kim had been to Mandarin Oriental and seen their beautiful pastries, so we headed there to finish off the afternoon.

All in all a well spent day!

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